Seattle based Flying S Films is dedicated to developing unique feature film and episodic properties for a worldwide audience.

We bring a modern development model to independent production. We can produce cost effective content while creating an artistically supportive environment for film makers. Flying S Films believes in character driven stories. We find strong powerful characters in the most unexpected places. We cant wait to share their stories.

Flying S Films also acquires rights to interesting and meaningful projects. We respect writers. We want to recognize our favorite stories on screen and fall in love with them all over again. We think thats what audiences want too.


One Thousand One 

A thousand lives snuffed out by a mad king. A thousand women whose stories we will never know. This is the story of Shahrazad. The thousand and first.’ 

An adaptation of A thousand Nights and One night. Focused primarily upon the storyteller rather than the tales she tells. Presented for a modern audience hungry for nuanced characters and powerful drama. Sexuality. Power. Gender politics. Social roles. Above all an intensely personal story. The story of Shahrazad. 

‘You may have heard her tales but now you will know her story’

Not a master storyteller. Not yet. Not a seductress. Nor the strong woman that ‘sees the good-ness’ in a lost man.  A nondescript member of a dysfunctional court that has never left the walls of the palace she calls home. Daughter of the kings right hand and executioner. Stepping out from the shadows of safety. Volunteering to walk the path that a thousand women have taken before her. Her tales, culled from the pages of the books and the dreams in which she has lived, her nightly weapons. 

‘This is not a romance. This is a battle.’ 

A battle she is not prepared for. 

The Special Delivery

We fell in love with Morgan Senzemici’s children story of Banjo, the elf that missed Santas sleigh. You will too. Experience a children's story that is actually for kids.

‘An elf on Santa’s naughty list?’

Banjo the elf is so excited about the toy he made for a little boy named Terrance that he misses Santas sleigh on Christmas eve. When Banjo meets Merry the reindeer, they decide to venture outside the world of the North Pole and deliver the toy themselves. If only they knew how to find him!”

This is a simple story that is never simplistic. Never pandering. There is no villain only a sense of real excitement and adventure. It relies on good storylines and real characters rather than jokes and double meanings. A real kids film. We feel it is timeless and destined to be a true holiday classic. 

Equal to Heaven

A tale of the Monkey King 

An adaptation of the Chinese classic Journey to the West. Focused on the first meeting of the young monk Sanzang and the legendary Monkey King. A magical story that flows effortlessly in and out of worlds both real and imaginary. Gods, monsters and amazing adventures. Above all a story of finding the importance in our lives. 

‘I shook the world! Now look at me…’

A young monk on the eve of an epic journey finds a forgotten hero trapped in the darkness. The legendary Monkey King. The story the monkey tells will change both of their lives and introduce a new audience to a tale beloved by millions around the world. 


The story of a troubled man. Ignacio claims to be the only person to have ever escaped hell. Slow down, relax, and hell begins to creep back into his life. When he meets a mysterious woman named Ella, he must decide if it is demons he is running from or his own mental illness. 

‘Keep moving. I’ll be fine if I just keep moving.’

Ignacio is a powerful story of facing uncomfortable truths. The tangled reality of relationships. The nature of identity, those we love, those we hate, even the very cities we live in. The nagging doubts about our safe, well designed world and the monsters of our humanity. 

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